Main Sextech Revolution: The Future of Sexual Wellness

Sextech Revolution: The Future of Sexual Wellness

Sitting between Planned Parenthood and Pornhub, sexual wellness is the next blue ocean for tech entrepreneurs and investors alike—and nobody is talking about it.

This recession-proof industry will be worth an estimated $122 billion by 2026, yet no one is prepared for this wave of innovation. But after years of being ignored due to shame and stigma, the sexual wellness revolution is upon us at last.

If you ask Andrea Barrica, it's embarrassing it took this long.

As an entrepreneur and former venture capital investor, Andrea is uniquely qualified to guide a new generation of business leaders ready to seize the opportunities in sexual wellness. Sextech Revolution is a firsthand account of how you can build a company and raise money in this space. Andrea shares how she's tackled the financial and structural challenges sex tech startups face, and provides unparalleled insight into how investors and entrepreneurs can navigate and understand the nuances of the sexual wellness industry.

Year: 2019
Edition: Retail
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
Language: english
Pages: 204
ISBN 10: 1544504918
ISBN 13: 978-1544504919
File: EPUB, 1.52 MB
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