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Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset: Detoxify, Nourish, and Restore Your Body for Sustained Weight Just 5 Days

Combat and prevent the effects of burnout with a detoxifying and nourishing cleanse program that liberates your body from poisons that make you sick, tired, and overweight—from the New York Times bestselling author of Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet and The 10-Day Belly Slimdown
Whether from stressful times like the holidays or from the demands of your regular routine, your body naturally becomes depleted over time, making it even more difficult to lose weight and maintain the energy and vitality you need to get through the day. This is something Dr. Kellyann Petrucci experienced firsthand in 2017 while she was writing her last book, doing nonstop TV appearances, and running her business. She gained 20 pounds, her hormones went haywire, and she was at a loss for how to turn things around. She decided it was time to hit the reset button and created her simplest plan yet, specifically designed to help the millions of women who are overweight, overworked, and overextended get reenergized both physically and mentally.

This is a comfortable, incredibly powerful 5-day cleanse protocol that resets your metabolism, giving you the kind of quick, confidence-boosting results you need to get back on a healthy track. The power ingredient in the Cleanse and Reset is collagen, which improves skin elasticity and brings back that coveted youthful glow, eases joint pain, heals leaky gut, supports weight management, and has anti-inflammatory properties. The healing and reparative smoothies, shakes, soups, and bone broth blends that you’ll enjoy on the 5-day cleanse are packed with collagen and can be adapted to any diet, with a focus on modifying the cleanse for the keto diet (along with great collagen alternatives for vegetarians and vegans!). The program also includes an optional 1-day “keto push” that you can follow for an extra boost the day before you begin your cleanse. Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset will help you slim your body, deep-cleanse your cells, and reclaim your energy and focus so you can start feeling truly good again.

Advance praise for Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset

“If you are feeling tired, unhealthy, and emotionally burned-out and want a fresh way to rejuvenate, Kellyann has a message for you: she’s been where you are. And she knows the way out.”—Mehmet Oz, MD

“Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has done a terrific job bringing the science of detoxification to the table. This is a top-notch way to deal with the multiple toxic challenges posed by our modern world.”—David Perlmutter, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Wash
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Edition: Retail
Publisher: Rodale Books
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ISBN 13: 978-1984826671
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			Praise for Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset

“If you are feeling tired, unhealthy, and emotionally burned out and want a fresh way to rejuvenate, Kellyann has a message for you: she’s been where you are. And she knows the way out.”

			—Mehmet Oz, MD

			“Dr. Kellyann proves that a cleanse doesn’t need to be harsh to work. This painless plan, centered around delicious foods packed with healing nutrition, gives you big results without stress or starvation.”

			—Mark Hyman, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat

			“This cleanse gets the job done fast—and the hearty soups, rich shakes, and refreshing green drinks will keep you satisfied from start to finish.”

			—JJ Virgin, New York Times bestselling author of The Virgin Diet and The Sugar Impact Diet

			“The most profound discovery I made on my own journey to wellness was the healing power of food—a power that Dr. Kellyann harnesses in this brilliant plan.”

			—Dr. Izabella Wentz, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Hashimoto’s Protocol

			“I absolutely love this cleanse—it’s so easy and gentle, and it takes off extra pounds fast. If you’re looking for a cleanse that restores and invigorates you, this is it.”

			—Penelope Ann Miller, award-winning stage, film, and TV actress

			“I’m a huge fan of collagen, and I love cleanses—and Dr. Kellyann’s plan combines the best of both worlds. Try it, and get more beautiful inside and out.”

			—Elena George, eight-time Emmy Award–winning celebrity makeup artist

			“Do your body a big favor and try this quick, easy, science-based cleanse. You’re going to love the results.”

			—Amy Shah, MD, double board-certified MD and wellness expert

			“If you’re starting to feel old and tired and you want to stop the clock—or even turn it back—this cleanse will give you the information and inspiration you need.”

			—Anthony Youn, MD, author of The Age Fix

			“A fresh, fun cleanse, packed with fantastic recipes you’ll be making long after you’re done.”

			—Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling author of Wired to Eat and The Paleo Solution

			“Dr. Kellyann’s cleanse is a smart, simple way to jump-start your journey to good health.”

			—Mark Sisson, New York Times bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and The Keto Reset Diet

			“Loading your cells with the right nutrients can heal your body and mind—and Dr. Kellyann’s cleanse is a powerful way to do it.”

			—Max Lugavere, New York Times bestselling author of Genius Foods

			“If you’re overweight, out of shape, and aging too fast, you can rewrite your story—and Dr. Kellyann will show you how.”

			—Bo Eason, former NFL player

			“Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has done a terrific job bringing the science of detoxification to the table. This is a top-notch way to deal with the multiple toxic challenges posed by our modern world.”

			—David Perlmutter, MD, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and Brain Wash

			“The nutrient-dense foods you’ll eat on Dr. Kellyann’s cleanse are nothing short of transformative. You’ll feel lighter, cleaner, and healthier in just days.”

			—Terry Wahls, MD, founder of the Wahls Research Fund and author of The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressiv MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine

			The information in this book has been compiled by way of general guidance in relation to the specific subjects addressed, but it is not a substitute and not to be relied on for medical, health care, pharmaceutical, or other professional advice on specific circumstances and in specific locations. Please consult your physician before changing, stopping, or starting any medical treatment. Practice laws and regulations all change, and the reader should obtain up-to-date professional advice on any such issue. The author and the publishers disclaim, as far as the law allows, any liability arising directly or indirectly from the use, misuse, of the information and recipes contained in this book.

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			PART 1

			What My Cleanse and Reset Did for Me…and What It Can Do for You

			CHAPTER 1 Why I Created this Cleanse—for ME

			CHAPTER 2 The Science Behind My Cleanse and Reset

			PART 2

			How to Do the Cleanse

			CHAPTER 3 Preparing for Your Cleanse

			CHAPTER 4 Doing Your Cleanse

			CHAPTER 5 After Your Cleanse: Dr. Kellyann’s Lifestyle Plan

			CHAPTER 6 More Ways to Keep Your Body Clean, Sexy, and Healthy for Life

			PART 3

			Recipes for Your Cleanse and Beyond

			CHAPTER 7 Glorious Green Smoothies

			CHAPTER 8 Rich, Creamy Shakes

			CHAPTER 9 Beautiful Broth Loading Soups

			CHAPTER 10Refreshing Detox Waters

			CHAPTER 11Recipes for Dr. Kellyann’s Lifestyle Plan



			I have listened to, supported, laughed with, and cried with many people—mostly women in the dressing rooms of my stores. I am a fashion retailer, and I’ve been on the sales floor since I was fourteen years old, selling shoes in my family business in New York. Later, my family and I moved to California, where I started elysewalker in 1999. I am known as a “fashionista,” but the truth is I am a mother, wife, girlfriend, and tomboy (mum’s the word).

			I have struggled with my weight and body image for as long as I can remember. I am not heavy, but I am not skinny. I am naturally a “medium.” And I know I’m not alone in this struggle because I work with women, and now men, every day of the year, dressing them, styling them, and listening to their stories. Whether it’s hormones, pregnancy, divorce, cancer, menopause, autoimmune disease, wedding celebrations, or bar mitzvahs, I get a little slice of all of my clients’ lives.

			At thirty-five, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that attacks the irises of my eyes. (Remember, the definition of an autoimmune disease is your body wrongfully attacks healthy cells.) For about three years I struggled with daylight and overall light sensitivity, which led to steroids, weight gain, and then methotrexate to help get my body out of attack mode.

			By forty I was doing great, searching for ways to create a healthy lifestyle and keep my body in remission. I read every book I could get my hands on and met with more than twenty-eight doctors over the years. I was gluten-free and I had everything under control: weight, eyes, exercise, and work-life balance.

			Then, toward the end of my forties, my hormones started slowing down and all my usual tricks were no longer working for me. I felt exhausted and bloated (like five months’ pregnant). My skin and hair started changing, and not in a good way. While my body was thickening, my hair was thinning. Not a good combo!

			I am usually the caregiver and confidante, and I try to be a good role model for everyone on my team, both at work and in my private life. But now I needed help and support. My dad’s wife, Lynn, and then my dear friend from Columbia University, Rebecca, and her husband, Peter, recognized my struggle and kept pushing me to read Dr Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet. I quickly told them, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this. I’m gluten-free, I exercise, I will figure this out.” But I didn’t. And my struggle grew and grew as my old ways no longer delivered any results. So I read the book.

			Once in a while, we all receive gifts. Dr. Kellyann has been a gift given to me by my friends and family. I read her book and started the diet with a group of friends (thank you, Michelle, Michael, Kath, and Deb). Together we built a team and checked in with one another daily. We started having dinner parties, bone broth–style, using Dr. Kellyann’s delicious recipes. I couldn’t believe it! My body was responding! I reached out to Dr. Kellyann personally and said I was going to be in New York, and would she like to join me for the Jonathan Simkhai fashion show? We met waiting in line at Spring Studios in Tribeca. She was wearing super-chic winter white, head to toe. And I knew I was going to love her!

			Smart, bold, warm, funny, and totally approachable, Dr. Kellyann has become my spiritual gangster. She is Italian and will tell you, “Hey, I love to eat!” My kind of girl! She understands the inflammation that so many of us struggle with. Her bone broth way of life (I actually don’t like to call it a diet) is a game-changer.

			Now, Dr. Kellyann is back with Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset. I love that she recognizes that we all fall off track at times. She honestly admits that it happens to her, too, and she makes you feel hopeful instead of discouraged. Her plan is doable, sprinkled with her sense of humor, and easy to follow. If you are in need of restoration, inspiration, and invigoration, today is your lucky day, because you have just completed step one: you are holding this book in your hands, and you are about to embark on an incredible life-changing journey. It is an enormous honor to introduce you to Dr. Kellyann!

			Elyse Walker

			Owner, elysewalker and TOWNE by elysewalker

			Fashion director of FWRD by elysewalker

Chapter 1

			Why I Created This Cleanse—for ME

			I want to tell you a story, but it’s a little embarrassing—okay, really embarrassing—especially for a weight-loss and anti-aging specialist who’s been helping patients get healthy for more than twenty years. However, I’m going to tell you anyway.

			Why? Because, right now, I know you’re not the “you” that you want to be. You desperately want to lose weight, to look better, and to feel better. And I want you to know that I’ve been there, too. Boy, have I.

			You see, this cleanse is going to do amazing things for you, but I actually created it because I’m the one who needed it big-time. That’s because I’m just human, and sometimes I blow it…I really screw up. And I blew it spectacularly a little while ago.

My Wake-Up Call

			 				Normally, I take good care of myself. I really do practice what I preach—I exercise, get plenty of sleep, eat a natural diet, do all the right stuff. As a result, I’m slim and super-healthy…or at least I was.

			In 2017, I let everything slide. I was running nonstop. I was writing a book. I was flying from coast to coast every week. I was seeing patients. Doing TV appearances. Running a business. Stressing out, losing sleep, and skipping workouts.

			If you’re in good shape, which I was at the start of 2017, you can get away with this kind of stuff for a while. But keep it up long enough, and your body will tell you, “What in the world do you think you’re doing? Pay attention to ME!”

			In my case, I ignored the early warning signs. I was putting on pounds, my skin looked like hell, my eyes were dull and sunken, and my energy level hovered near zero. I was wearing three pairs of Spanx to smooth out my butt and thighs when I went on TV. (It’s true that the camera puts on ten pounds, and they’re in all the wrong places.) Yet I still kept running.

			Then my body finally sent me a message I couldn’t ignore.

			It was the fall of 2017. I was on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York. I’d felt tired and unwell all day, and suddenly I knew something was very, very wrong.

			I became dizzy—so dizzy. It was as if I were in a tunnel being sucked away from reality. I was sweating profusely, and my heart was doing some weird kind of calisthenics.

			All I knew was one thing: I was going down.

			I turned to the passenger next to me and said, “I think I’m going to pass out. My name is Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, I don’t take any medications, and I don’t have any illnesses that I know of. Please get the flight attendant.”

			The next thing I knew, I was on the floor looking up at a flight attendant who was packing ice around my back and head and asking, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” As the flight crew dragged me back to the galley, I drifted in and out of consciousness, hearing the attendant call urgently for any medical professionals on board. Even though I was in a different world, I remember thinking, What have I gotten myself into this time?

			(Okay, little digression here. Did you know that even in a situation like this, there are bright spots? Well, as I’m lying there, fading in and out, I hear one of the flight attendants saying, “That can’t be her. It says on the passenger manifest that she’s fifty-two. This woman is not fifty-two!” So, yeah. I’m lying on the floor of an airplane, feeling like I’m gonna die…but even half dead, at least I don’t look my age. Woohoo.)

			Anyway…back to the story. After the plane landed, they put me in a wheelchair and told me I needed to get checked out—basically saying, “No arguments.” (They were already on to me.)

			I wound up in a hospital, and then in a clinic. I was anemic. I was exhausted. I was both physically and emotionally drained. I’d gained twenty pounds, which is a HUGE weight gain when you’re five-foot-nothing like me. My hormones were totally out of whack. I was a mess.

			Sure, maybe I looked younger than my age (I love you, flight attendant!), but I still looked terrible. And to make matters worse, it was time to start promoting my brand-new book.

			What’s more, I didn’t just look terrible; I felt terrible. And I suddenly realized that I’d felt that way for a long time, even though I was meeting wonderful people and having great experiences. I should have been having a blast, but instead I felt numb and disconnected. That’s not “me,” because by nature I’m a happy-go-lucky Italian girl with a big zest for life.

			I realized that I needed a reset—and I needed it fast. I needed to reset my metabolism, my hormones, and even my mind. I needed to “push the compost button.” Clean house. Take out the trash. Get my life back.

			I needed RESTORATION.

			As they say: “Physician, heal thyself.”

Getting “Myself” Back

			 				Right then, I went to work creating the cleanse detailed here. I knew that it needed to be incredibly powerful, because I was in deep trouble. I knew that it needed to be quick, because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired (and fat). And I knew that it had to be simple, doable, and comfortable, because I was at the breaking point and couldn’t handle any more stress.

			I distilled into this plan every bit of knowledge I’ve gained over two decades. I loaded it with cell-cleansing, metabolism-boosting, fat-burning superfoods. Then I experimented until I got it just right.

			What happened? Within days, I started feeling like “myself” again. My belly slimmed down, I lost the bloat, I got my energy back, the dark circles under my eyes went away, and I started feeling happy again. I’d jump-started my journey back to health, and now I was on a roll.

			I was so excited about my plan that I started trying it out on my patients. Like me, they loved the results they got—both the weight loss and the energy and mood lift. They loved how they looked: younger, sexier, more vibrant. And they loved how they went from feeling depleted to feeling restored.

			In short, I know that this cleanse can help you take back your life because it helped me take back mine—and now it’s changing my patients’ lives as well. What’s more, it’s fast, simple, and stress-free. (Because the last thing you need is more stress, right? I’m just not going to do that to you.)

			So ask yourself: Are you exhausted, overweight, and feeling sad? Then this is your wake-up call. You can ignore it until you have a crisis, like I did, or you can take action right NOW.

			Take it from someone who learned the hard way. Your body is telling you that it’s time to hit the reset button—to pay attention—and it’s easier than you think. You can restore yourself. Soon, I’ll tell you exactly how to do it—but first, let’s see just how much your body is craving a cleanse.

Take My Quick Cleanse Quiz

			You can benefit from my cleanse even if you’re at the top of your game right now. That’s because it’ll make your energy soar, smooth your skin, and sweep away toxins. In fact, I now do the cleanse four times a year, at the start of each season, to make sure I keep looking and feeling my best.

			However, if you’re less than perfectly healthy, you may desperately need this cleanse…just as I did when I crashed and burned. Here’s a quick test to see how many cries for help your body is sending you.

			Do You Need This Cleanse?

			 				 					Are you gaining weight, especially around your belly?

				 					Do you put on pounds easily and have trouble taking them off?

				 					Have you gained ten pounds or more over the past few years?

				 					Are you frequently bloated?

				 					Do you often suffer from other gastrointestinal problems such as constipation or diarrhea?

				 					Are you frequently tired?

				 					Do you sleep badly?

				 					Do you crave sleep?

				 					Do you wake up feeling unrefreshed?

				 					Do you experience a severe afternoon slump?

				 					Do you feel like you are less strong and energetic than you used to be?

				 					Do you feel that you’re aging more quickly than you should?

				 					Is your skin dry, or are you developing fine lines or wrinkles?

				 					Is your skin blotchy or dull?

				 					Do you have psoriasis or eczema?

				 					Are your eyes red or dull?

				 					Is your hair thin or lifeless?

				 					Are your fingernails dry and brittle?

				 					Are you frequently exposed to toxins from smog, traffic, household cleansers, or other sources?

				 					Do you frequently eat non-organic fruits and vegetables or non-pastured meat and eggs?

				 					Do you drink unfiltered water?

				 					Do you frequently get sick?

				 					When you get sick, do you have trouble “bouncing back”?

				 					Do you have autoimmune problems?

				 					Are you frequently angry or unhappy?

				 					Are you often anxious?

				 					Do you frequently experience “brain fog”?

				 					Do you enjoy sex less than you used to?

				 					Do you enjoy your friends and family less than you used to?

				 					Do you enjoy life less than you used to?

			Now, count up your number of “yes” answers. Here’s how to score your results:

			If your score is 10 or above, your body is screaming that it needs help.

			If your score is 5 to 9, you’re entering the danger zone and it’s time to stop problems before they get worse.

			If your score is 0 to 4, you’re in far better shape than most people—congratulations! You need the cleanse only if you want to take your well-being to an even higher level.

			Take a hard look at your score. If it reveals that you’re crashing and burning—or that you’re just getting by when you want to be awesome—it’s decision time right now.

			If you’re sick of being fat, tired, and sad, then decide that now is the time to take your life back.

			You matter—so here’s to becoming the best, happiest you that you can be. Here’s to feeling better than you have in years, or maybe in your entire life.

			Decide, commit, and go. Let’s do this!

			 				Before You Start…

			This cleanse is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to slim down and get healthier quickly. However, if you fall into one of the categories below, you should postpone the diet for now or only do the diet under medical supervision.

			Are you pregnant or nursing? If that’s the case, wait until later to do your cleanse. When you’re eating for two, you’ll need more food than you get on this diet. However, this cleanse is a fantastic way to take off those extra baby pounds later on! It’ll also help you restore nutrients lost while you’re nurturing your little one.

			Are you diabetic, or are you taking drugs to lower your blood sugar? This cleanse will lower your blood glucose, and that’s a very good thing. However, if you’re taking insulin or a drug like metformin, you need to be careful not to become hypoglycemic. Get your doctor’s approval before doing the cleanse and check your blood sugar numbers frequently each day.

			Do you have other chronic health problems? Get your doctor’s okay to do the cleanse and ask if you’ll need to adjust any of your medications.

			Are you taking a blood thinner? This cleanse contains lots of healthy greens. These greens are rich in vitamin K, which can interfere with anticlotting drugs, so check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you. If not, you can swap out your evening soup for plain bone broth and replace your green smoothies with shakes containing fewer veggies.

			Are you under eighteen? If so, make sure your parents and your doctor say it’s fine for you to do the cleanse.

			Do you have a history of an eating disorder? Check with your doctor and make sure this cleanse will be safe for you to do.

			Do you have an illness right now or are you recovering from an injury? If so, your body needs to direct all of its resources toward getting you well. Hold off on the cleanse until you’re better…I’ll wait for you!

Chapter 2

			The Science Behind My Cleanse and Reset

			I know you can’t wait to heal your body on this cleanse, and I’m eager for you to get started, too. But if you’re tempted to skip this chapter and head right for the cleanse, bear with me for just a few more pages.

			Before you begin your cleanse, I want to give you the lowdown on it. I believe that knowledge is power, so I want you to know exactly what my cleanse will do for you and why I included every single element.

			There’s a lot of science in this chapter, not because I want your eyes to glaze over, but because it will help you understand why this new way of cleansing is so important—and so different from the cleanses you’ve done in the past.

What This Cleanse Is—and Isn’t

			 				First of all, I want to tell you what I mean by a cleanse. Most people think that cleanses are all about depletion and deprivation. But this cleanse is going to build you up, not break you down.

			After years of being in the health field, witnessing thousands of patients’ experiences, and having my own personal experiences, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to cleanses. I’ve learned the hard way, and I know what a cleanse should and shouldn’t do.

			When you finish my cleanse, you’re going to be renewed, not drained. You’re going to feel light on your feet, not weak and tired. You’re going to have the energy of a teenager—you know, “tiger blood.”

			That’s because this cleanse is going to fire up your cellular matrix—the fluid around your cells—by saturating your body with energizing nutrients. You see, that’s the name of the game: loading yourself up with all the right stuff.

			At the same time, these nutrients are going to gently cleanse your cells of toxins. My patients frequently tell me, “You know, Dr. Kellyann, somehow my insides feel clean.” You’ll feel like you just went through one of those luxury car washes, got scrubbed and buffed, and came out shiny and new.

			On this cleanse, you’re going to pamper your body, not punish it. I like to say, “It’s not just about how you heal—it’s about how you feel,” and this cleanse will make you feel like a brand-new you.

			And that’s not all; you’re also going to look like a brand-new you. On some cleanses, you wind up looking drawn and unhealthy. This cleanse is going to tighten your skin, so instead of feeling “stringy” and loose, you’ll end up looking young and sculpted.

Why You Need This Cleanse

			If you’re in the same place I was when I hit the wall—tired, sick, sad, and gaining weight—it’s because your body is beginning to fail. And it’s beginning to fail because it’s not getting what it needs.

			In fact, even if you’re trying to eat right, you could be cheating your body of nutrients it needs. In one study, John Berardi, PhD, analyzed the diets of more than five hundred students as part of his master’s degree project. Even though the students were taking a class in exercise and nutrition, Berardi found that “only about 10 to 15% of them met all of their dietary needs.” Note that these were health-conscious people consciously trying to eat right.1

			Another study2 analyzed the diets of twenty people—fourteen were health-conscious athletes—all of them eating what they thought were good diets. The scientist conducting the study reported, “All of these dietary analyses fell short of the recommended 100% RDA micronutrient level from food alone.” That’s right: all of them.

			What’s more, these studies looked only at the nutrients for which we have recommended daily amounts—not many more, such as the thousands of phytonutrients that our cells crave. These powerful plant chemicals include:

			 				 					 						Anthocyanins, which give foods like berries, red onions, and pomegranates their beautiful color—and which protect your skin from sun damage,3 help to prevent cancer,4 and reduce your risk of becoming obese or diabetic.5

					 						Lutein and zeaxanthin, which keep the maculae of your eyes healthy, helping to prevent blindness due to macular degeneration.6

					 						Lycopene, a potent antioxidant and inflammation fighter that can lower your risk for cancer,7 reduce your blood pressure,8 and even lower your stroke risk by up to 59%.9

					 						Resveratrol, which helps to give berries, grapes, and red wine their beautiful color—and which can slow the effects of aging by protecting your mitochondria (the “power plants” of your cells).10

					 						Quercetin, which helps to strengthen a “leaky gut” (more on this later), reducing chronic inflammation.11

			The bottom line? Each day, your deficit of phytonutrients—as well as vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients—increases a tiny bit. So over time, your body starts to starve for nutrients even when you’re doing all the right things.

			If you’re stressed out, losing sleep, grabbing fast food, and neglecting yourself, like I was before I collapsed, you’re in even bigger trouble. That’s because you need big doses of nutrients to heal yourself—but you’re not getting them because your gut is sick and inflamed and your metabolism is sluggish. That cellular matrix I talked about earlier is no longer working for you—it’s working against you, because it’s a toxic swamp. So you get sicker and sicker and sicker.

			This is what landed me on the floor of an airplane cabin. And it’s what’s going to make you crash and burn if you’re in bad shape and you don’t take action by loading your cells with nutrients. You don’t need just a trickle of these lifesaving nutrients right now—you need a flood.

			What’s more, you need to load up on every crucial healing nutrient your body is craving. Shorting your cells of even a few essential nutrients can wipe you out. For example:

			 				 					 						Too little potassium will make you feel weak, anxious, and bloated.

					 						Too little magnesium will make you tired, “brain fogged,” and achy, and cause headaches and muscle cramps.

					 						Too little vitamin A will make your thyroid hormones wonky, causing you to pack on pounds.

					 						Too little vitamin C will shut down your collagen production line, aging your skin and hurting your gut.

					 						Too little zinc can make your hair thin and make you more prone to infections.

					 						Too little folic acid can make you feel exhausted, cause a racing heart and shortness of breath, and lead to headaches.

					 						Too little healthy fat will stop your body from absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.

					 						Too little blood-building iron will make you weak and make your hair thin and fragile.

			So it’s not enough to supplement your diet with a few nutrients. You need to get every major player in the healing game. Even missing a small number of nutrients can be a concern.

			Loading your body with nutrients is especially critical if you’re battling a weight problem. Research shows obese adults have a lower intake of micronutrients than people who aren’t overweight,12 and these nutritional deficiencies can increase the risk of developing diabetes.13 (For more on this topic, read “Are You at Risk for Developing Diabetes?” on the Resources page of my website at

			On this cleanse, we’re going to bathe your cells in hundreds of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. And we’re going to load you with combinations of nutrients—for instance, the healthy fats you’ll get along with big doses of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients—that work synergistically to build you up cell by cell.

			 				Note: To make sure you get the key nutrients you need while still giving your gut a rest from solid food, consider taking a daily multivitamin and multimineral supplement during your cleanse. If multivitamin and multimineral supplements don’t sit well with you, then be sure to get some sunshine every day (for vitamin D), include some sea veggies in your soups or green smoothies (for iodine, zinc, selenium, and molybdenum), and consider taking a B-complex supplement. Mushrooms are a good source of selenium and (if they’ve been exposed to sunlight) vitamin D, so work them into your soups as well.

			In addition, unlike many cleanses, my cleanse is going to load your body with a key macronutrient—clean protein—in the forms of collagen and bone broth. You may think that a cleanse is supposed to be just green juice or water because there’s a myth that you need to cut protein out of a cleanse for it to work. In reality, this is the biggest reason why other cleanses can leave you looking haggard and feeling terrible. Your body needs the amino acids in protein to heal your cells, repair your joints, banish your bloat, optimize your immune function, make your skin and hair beautiful, and create a strong gut wall.

			In addition, your body needs amino acids to “take out the trash” that’s clogging your cells. In particular, it needs the amino acid glycine, which plays a key role in one of your body’s detoxification pathways.

			And here’s another thing to understand. One reason that many cleanses cut out protein is to allow your gut to rest. However, collagen and bone broth are clean, allergen-free proteins that are easy for your body to digest because they’re in liquid form. These gentle foods feed your body the amino acids you need while still giving your gut “down time” for recovery. In addition, they help to prevent those cravings and crashes you may have experienced in the past.

			Finally, a cleanse that allows you to rotate shakes, green smoothies, and soups works far better than an all-green-drinks cleanse because typical juice and smoothie cleanses overload your body with sugar—and sugar makes your cells wonky. One cleanse that I researched recommended drinking six juice drinks per day, and each drink contained 35 to 50 grams of sugar from fruits. That’s not much healthier than a soda cleanse would be! On this cleanse, you’ll get a very limited amount of sugar while you supply your body with lots of clean protein.

			You don’t want to overload your body with sugar on a cleanse because sugar does the very opposite of healing your body. When you eat sugar, it reacts with the proteins or fats in your body to form destructive compounds called advanced glycation end products, or AGEs. These nasty molecules stiffen your tissues and inflame your body. Excess AGEs are linked to everything from diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease, and they also prematurely age your skin, leading to wrinkles and age spots.

			In addition, sugar increases your risk for cancer. A 2016 study on mice by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center found that high-sugar diets can significantly raise your risk for both cancer development and metastasis.14

			And here’s another alarming new finding: a diet that’s high in sugar shortens your telomeres. These are the tips on the ends of your chromosomes—sort of like the aglets on the ends of shoelaces—and the shorter they are, the faster you age and the more vulnerable you are to diseases like cancer. In a 2018 study, scientists reported that children who drink lots of sugary beverages already have shorter telomeres than their non-sugar-swigging peers by the age of three!15 In a 2014 study of adults, researchers at the University of California at San Francisco determined that based on the rate at which telomeres typically shorten with chronological age, daily consumption of a 20-ounce soda is equivalent to an average of 4.6 years of telomere shortening—comparable to the effects of smoking.16

			Clearly, a sugar-loaded cleanse can worsen your health, not make it better. And in the end, it can pack pounds on you rather than take them off.

			So if you’ve tried juice cleanses in the past and they let you down, I want you to understand that this cleanse is different. This time, instead of loading your body with sugar, you’re going to be combining the phytonutrients from greens with healthy fats and clean protein from collagen and bone broth—and this triple punch of nutrients is going to lift you up, not tear you down.

My Three Cleanse Goals

			When I created my cleanse, I set down three non-negotiable goals for it. Now, it’s time for you to achieve these same goals. Here’s what you’re going to do on this cleanse:

			Rest. You’re going to allow your body to take a break from the hard work of processing food. This “holiday” will allow your leaky gut—and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have one, if you’re not feeling up to par (more on this in a bit)—to seal and heal itself.

			Restore. Right now, your body is depleted of many nutrients it needs to repair itself. When you push all those nutrients into your cellular matrix, you’re going to give it all of the resources it needs to undo the damage that’s making you feel old and sick.

			Revitalize. If you’re fatigued all the time right now, this cleanse is going to re-energize you. That’s because it’s rich in foods that power up your cells, and it cuts out foods that make them sluggish.

			These are big promises, I know. But I’m 100% confident in making them because I know this plan works. I initially created it to save my own life, so I wasn’t kidding around.

			I know that this cleanse can do for you what it did for me. In just days, it can take you from being half-dead to back in action. It transformed my life, and it’s doing the same for my patients. Now, it’s time to put it to work for you.

How My Cleanse Works

			 				I can sum up this cleanse in just six words: push nutrients in and toxins out. Here are the five ways we’re going to do this.

1. Hydrolyzed Collagen

			Collagen is the structural protein that holds your body together. (Think of it as Mother Nature’s glue.) More than 30% of your body is collagen—but if you’re over twenty, you’re losing 1% of that collagen every year. This is one of the biggest reasons why you’re feeling old, tired, and wiped out.

			When you lose collagen, your skin gets weak and starts to wrinkle and sag. Your butt and thighs develop “cottage cheese” bumps. Your hair gets brittle, and your fingernails break easily. While you’re aging on the outside, you’re aging on the inside at the same time, because your internal collagen stores are running dry. Your gut gets inflamed, your bones weaken, and your joints hurt. You gain weight, and you lose muscle.

			Luckily, there’s a simple solution: get that collagen back in your life. You’ll do this every day on the cleanse by adding collagen powder to your shakes and green smoothies and drinking soups made from bone broth (which is rich in the building blocks of collagen).

			Let’s start by talking about the collagen powder. The collagen you’ll put in your shakes and green smoothies is hydrolyzed collagen, also known as collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysate. During the process of hydrolyzation, large molecules of collagen break down into smaller units called peptides. These peptides contain high concentrations of the amino acids that build collagen in a form your body can easily assimilate and use.

			Here’s what this superfood does for you:

			Superpower #1: It accelerates your fat loss and protects lean muscle. This is a truly beautiful thing. If you’ve dieted a lot, you know that much of the weight you lose is muscle mass, not belly fat. So instead of looking strong and sculpted after your diet, you’re wrecked.

			What you need is a magic bullet that ramps up your fat loss while it protects your lean muscle mass—and on my cleanse, you’ll get one. It’s an amino acid called glycine, which your body will get from collagen.

			A recent study demonstrated the fat-melting, lean-mass-preserving effects of glycine. In it, researchers fattened mice and then put them on a weight-loss diet. One group of mice got supplemental glycine, while a control group got a different amino acid.

			By the end of the study, the glycine-treated mice lost 14% more whole-body fat mass and 27% less lean mass than the control mice.17 These are amazing numbers, and they show why juice-only cleanses can’t achieve the same results as this cleanse. Remember: juice cleanses make you feel stringy and loose, while a cleanse that’s rich in collagen makes you feel rebuilt.

			Superpower #2: It makes your cells more sensitive to insulin. To lose pounds and heal your body, you need to convince your cells to love the hormone insulin. Once again, you’re going to reach for glycine-rich collagen. Here’s why.

			Insulin carries sugar to your cells. When your cells are insulin-sensitive, they accept this sugar and burn it for energy.

			However, if your blood sugar is constantly spiking—which happens if you eat lots of carbs, even if they’re supposedly “healthy” carbs like whole grains—your cells get stuffed with sugar. When this happens, they start to turn insulin and its cargo of sugar away. (This is called insulin resistance.) This sugar goes back to your liver, which turns it into fat. So you pack on belly fat because you’re storing that energy instead of burning it.

			How can you lower your insulin resistance? First, cut down on carbs (which you’ll do on this cleanse)—and then feed your body glycine.

			In a recent experiment, researchers fed rats sugar to make them insulin-resistant. Giving them glycine after this sugar load ramped up their insulin sensitivity (as well as lowering their levels of oxidative stress, or damage to cells caused by destructive molecules).18

			In a related study, scientists gave healthy people a dose of glycine along with a dose of glucose. The glycine reduced the participants’ increase in blood glucose to half of the rise seen when glucose alone was consumed. Insulin levels rose only a little in the glycine group, leading the scientists to speculate that glycine stimulates the release of another hormone that helps insulin to work better.19

			Superpower #3: It pulls toxins from your body. Because this is a cleanse and not a harsh detox, you’re going to gently flush toxins out of your system with nutrients—and collagen will be a big part of your cleanup crew. The proline and glycine in collagen are both potent detoxifiers on their own. In addition, glycine is a building block of glutathione, a molecular powerhouse that grabs on to toxins and whisks them out of your body in urine or bile.

			Remember what you’re going to do on this cleanse: push nutrients in and toxins out. And glycine is a big player in this game.

			 				Glycine: NOT Nonessential!

			Doctors call glycine a “nonessential” amino acid because we once believed that your body could make plenty of it on its own. However, we now know better. In reality, unless you’re very young, you’re in ideal health, and you eat an ideal diet, there’s a good chance that you’re glycine-deficient.20 That’s a big reason for loading up on glycine, and it’s why even after your cleanse, I want you to keep drinking glycine-rich collagen drinks and bone broth every day. You will become obsessed (in a good way) when you see the changes to your body and skin!

			Superpower #4: It lowers your inflammation and strengthens your gut. The glycine in collagen is an inflammation-fighting master, and one of its most important jobs is to prevent or heal damage to your gut wall.21 The healthier and less inflamed your gut is, the faster you’re going to heal your body. (I’ll talk about this much more in the next section.)

			Superpower #5: It beautifies your skin. This cleanse is about making you stronger, healthier, and more vibrant—and as a big plus, it’s going to make you more beautiful as well. That’s because collagen firms and smooths your skin like a tight pair of jeans, blasting your wrinkles. When you mainline it to your cells, the results will amaze you.

			In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study,22 for example, women between the ages of forty-five and sixty-five received either a collagen peptide supplement or a placebo for eight weeks. The results were nothing short of astonishing.

			At the end of the treatment period, the group taking collagen experienced an average 20.1% reduction in eye wrinkles when compared to the placebo group—and the maximum reduction observed was 49.9%! Four weeks after the treatment stopped, the collagen group still showed an average 11.5% reduction in wrinkles.

			In addition, at the end of the study, the researchers detected a 65% increase in procollagen (a building block of collagen) and an 18% increase in elastin, a protein that makes your skin “bounce back” when it’s stretched. These are stunning results—better than anything the most expensive wrinkle creams on the market can achieve.

2. Bone Broth–Based Soups

			Now, let’s talk about the other source of amino acids on your cleanse—bone broth, the magic food I call “liquid gold.” Every day, you’ll be drinking soup made from this fabulous food.

			Lots of my patients call me the Bone Broth Doctor. And I admit it: I’m obsessed with bone broth. In fact, I was one of the pioneers of the modern bone broth movement.

			People said two things to me when this movement first started. The first was “yuck”—because they had no idea how good bone broth is—and the second was “Bone broth is going to be a short-lived fad.” But I knew it was going to last because bone broth is one of the most amazing healing foods on the planet.

			In every traditional culture, all around the world, people turn to bone broth when they need to heal and restore themselves. When a piece of folk wisdom is this universal, you can assume there’s hard science behind it. And indeed, research shows that bone broth is serious medicine—every bit as powerful as traditional healers believe.

			If you’re not familiar with bone broth, it’s not at all like broth from a can, or even regular broth made from scratch. Instead, it’s made from bones that you simmer for hours and hours, pulling the deep nutrition out of the bones. Because it’s rich in glycine, it gives you many of the same benefits as collagen—and here are even more reasons why this broth is such powerful medicine.


			Bone broth is rich in gelatin, which is basically cooked collagen. This gelatin reduces inflammation in your gut, which is a huge key to healing yourself. Here’s why:

			These days, we know that chronic inflammation is the biggest cause of obesity and age-related illnesses. In addition, we know that this body-wide inflammation starts in the gut. This is one of the most important principles to understand if you want to stay healthy and fight aging.

			The first thing to know about chronic inflammation is that it’s very different from acute inflammation. When you cut a finger or catch the flu, your immune system rushes into action to fight off germs. That’s a very good thing, and it’s temporary.

			Chronic inflammation, in contrast, is like a forest fire that never goes out. It poisons your cells, and it makes you sick and fat.

			This internal forest fire starts in your gut’s microbiome, an ecosystem containing trillions of microbes. (I like to say that you’re a big bag of bugs.) These microbes do everything from digesting your food to putting the brakes on your immune system. When they’re healthy, you’re healthy—and when they’re not, things get ugly really fast. Here’s what happens:

			 				 					 						Environmental insults—that is, environment-related factors, such as stress, antibiotic use, toxins, or a poor diet—throw your gut bacteria out of whack, letting bad bugs gain a foothold or letting normally beneficial bugs overmultiply.

					 						This local inflammation damages the wall of your intestine, causing little holes to open up in it. (We call this a leaky gut.)

					 						Toxins and undigested food molecules escape through these holes into your bloodstream, where your immune system labels them as enemies and goes on the attack. This assault damages your own cells in a case of “friendly fire.”

			This nonstop attack leads to body-wide inflammation that makes you gain weight like crazy. In addition, research links it to type 2 diabetes.23

			When you drink bone broth, it puts out this internal fire. The gelatin in the broth soothes and heals your gut, like rubbing aloe vera on a sunburn. Your intestinal wall heals, becoming rock-solid. Toxins and undigested food stop escaping—so your immune system stands down, your inflammation vanishes, and extra pounds melt away.

			For more on building a glowing gut, see my article on “Keeping Your Gut Healthy” on the Resources page of my website at

			 				How Inflamed Are You?

			 				You may be experiencing many signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation without even realizing it. To get an idea of how inflamed your body is, take this quick quiz.

				Do you have a large amount of belly fat?

				Are your blood sugar levels higher than they should be?

				Do you have gum disease?

				Do you have joint aches and pains?

				Do you suffer from “brain fog,” anxiety, or depression?

				Do you have frequent headaches?

				Do you have chronic digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, or diarrhea?

				Are you frequently fatigued?

				Do you have eczema or psoriasis?

				Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease?

				The more “yes” answers you have, the more likely it is that chronic inflammation is taking a huge toll on your body and mind.


			 				Bone broth is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which doctors often prescribe to ease joint pain. One study found that these two nutrients eased the pain caused by osteoarthritis as effectively as the prescription drug Celebrex.24 In addition, bone broth is brimming with hyaluronic acid, which helps to lubricate your joints. So it doesn’t surprise me when patients call me up just to say, “I can’t believe it, Kellyann—my knees don’t hurt anymore!”


			 				Your grandmother was right when she told you to eat gelatin—and the scientific research backs her up. One two-part study found that eating 14 grams of gelatin daily increased hair diameter by an average of 9.3% in the first part of the study and 11.3% in the second part. Seventy percent of participants had thicker hair by the end of the study, and the greatest increase seen was an amazing 45%!25 Similarly, researchers have known for decades that gelatin can make your nails stronger and improve defects.26

Finally, bone broth isn’t just good medicine…it’s delicious. It’s rich and satisfying, and it feeds your body deep nutrition that keeps your hunger at bay for hours. It truly is a meal in a mug, and my patients are amazed at how it stops cravings in their tracks. They keep drinking it long after their cleanses because they discover that there’s no better way to curtail hunger for long periods than by sipping bone broth.

			 				Is Histamine Sensitivity an Issue for You?

			 				Bone broth and collagen are two of the healthiest foods you can eat. A few people, however, have a reaction to bone broth or supplements containing collagen. These people experience symptoms such as headaches, digestive upsets, heart palpitations, and skin flushing. When this happens, a likely culprit is histamine intolerance, a problem that affects about 1% of people.

				Histamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in keeping your immune system, your digestion, and your nervous system working right. Many foods are high in histamine, promote the release of histamine, or limit its breakdown. These foods include shellfish, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits, tomatoes, black and green teas, spinach, fermented foods, collagen, and bone broth.

				For the vast majority of people, the amount of histamine in a food simply isn’t an issue. If your system is working right, it immediately inactivates any histamine you don’t need, using two enzymes called DAO and HNMT, and that’s the end of the story.

				Sometimes, however, things go wrong. A number of factors, from genetic mutations to medical conditions like Crohn’s disease, can lead to high levels of histamine. In some cases, the only solution may be to stay on a histamine intolerance diet forever.

				However—and I want to emphasize this—the most common problem in people with histamine intolerance is a sick, leaky gut. In these cases, healing the gut may make histamine issues vanish.

				There are two reasons for this. First, if you have an inflamed gut, DAO—which does much of its work in the intestine—can’t do its job right. As a result, it won’t break down enough histamine. Second, if your gut is leaky, histamines can escape through your gut wall, triggering a violent immune system reaction.

				The solution is obvious: fix your leaky gut, and DAO can rein in those histamines. In addition, histamines will stop escaping into your blood stream and setting off your immune system’s alarms.

				So that’s the why behind this healing strategy. Now, let’s get to the how. Here’s the way to go about building a rock-solid gut if you have histamine issues:

				 					 						 							Cut grains, sugar, soy, dairy, and artificial ingredients from your diet. All of these damage your gut.

						 							Initially, avoid even healthy foods that are high in histamines. (It’s easy to find lists of them online.) Remember, however, that the histamine content of a food may vary depending on its age and other factors. Also, experts don’t always agree on which foods belong on the high-histamine list, so you may need to do a little experimenting.

						 							Eat egg yolks and fresh, lean meat and poultry. If you have leftovers, freeze them immediately. (The histamine level of meat increases over time.)

						 							Eat fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and healthy fats that aren’t on the high-histamine list.

						 							Rather than drinking bone broth, drink meat broth (which cooks for only a few hours). It contains fewer histamines, and it’ll still help to heal your gut. When you make your broth, use or freeze it quickly. You can also substitute vegetable broth (see my vegetarian option on this page).

						 							Supplement wisely. Take vitamin C, which helps degrade histamine; vitamin B6, which helps DAO do its job; zinc, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient; and quercetin, which is a natural antihistamine.

						 							Avoid alcohol.

						 							Exercise, get enough sleep, and ease your stress with meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, or breathing exercises.

				After you’ve given your gut several months to heal, try introducing small amounts of high-histamine foods. With luck, you’ll discover that you can handle them just fine. And as a result—hurray—you can start enjoying all the benefits of skin-healing, fat-melting collagen and bone broth!

				In the meantime, if you want to do your cleanse without including bone broth, collagen, or even meat broth in your diet, check out my vegetarian and vegan modifications on this page. These will work just fine for you.

3. Fresh Veggies and Fruits

			Each day on this cleanse, you’re going to fill your body with a rainbow of veggies and fruits in your soups, shakes, and green smoothies. These will load you up with hundreds of phytochemicals that brighten your eyes, build strong skin, energize your cells, and “take out the trash” by flushing out toxins.

			The veggies and fruits you eat on your cleanse will fill you with fiber to regulate your GI tract, banishing bloat and clearing up constipation. They’ll also lower your blood sugar because fiber increases the thickness of your intestinal contents, slowing down carbohydrate digestion and glucose absorption.

			In addition, this fiber is going to make your gut bugs very happy. That’s because they can ferment soluble fiber to create a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate, which plays a key role in healing a leaky gut.

			As researcher Alanna Collen explains in her book 10% Human, “It is our microbes that decide how much to turn up the volume on the genes that make the protein chains of the gut wall. Butyrate is their messenger. The more butyrate they can produce, the more protein chains our genes churn out, and the tighter the gut wall.”27

			And creating a rock-solid gut is just one of butyrate’s effects. It’s also anti-inflammatory, and it helps to protect against colon cancer28—a disease that strikes 140,000 people in the United States each year. In addition, butyrate increases insulin sensitivity and promotes fat-burning.29

			What’s more, the fruits and veggies you’ll eat on your cleanse have benefits that go beyond fiber. They’ll also help you lose weight because the nutrients in them satisfy your hunger and slash your cravings. In addition, they’ll ramp up your levels of nitric oxide, a molecule that relaxes your arteries, lowers your blood pressure, builds muscle, and even makes sex better by enhancing both pleasure and performance. (See, I’ve got your back.)

			In fact, every single fruit and veggie you eat on this cleanse will bring something to the party. I know you already know that fruits and vegetables are good for you—yada, yada—but did you know that they also have individual superpowers that can help make you so nutrient-dense that you’re bionic? It’s true! Here are some examples:

			Beets. These beautiful red root vegetables contain betalains, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows that one type of betalain, called betanin, inhibits the development of lung cancer30 and may help fight skin and liver cancer as well.31

			Celery. You’ve probably heard a lot about celery juice already because it’s gotten its share of good press. This veggie is rich in luteolin, a phytochemical with cancer-fighting properties.32 It’s also a good source of an anti-inflammatory compound called butylphthalide and a potent cancer fighter called apigenin.33

			Citrus fruits. These delicious fruits contain a phytochemical called hesperidin, which helps your blood vessels stay healthy and aids in preventing varicose veins.

			Cruciferous veggies. These veggies are rich in sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which break down when you chew and digest them into biologically active compounds that can inhibit bladder, breast, colon, liver, lung, and stomach cancer.34 Cruciferous veggies include arugula, bok choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, horseradish, kale, radishes, turnip greens, watercress, and wasabi.

			Grapefruit. This fruit is loaded with a chemical called nootkatone, which stimulates your metabolism and ramps up your fat burning. (Just make sure that if you’re taking any medications, it’s okay to add grapefruit or grapefruit juice to your diet.)

			Pineapples. These fruits feed your body bromelain, which helps to lower inflammation, protect against blood clots, and fight cancer.

			Raspberries. While many fruits and veggies contain the cholesterol-lowering, cancer-preventing phytochemical ellagic acid, raspberries have the highest amount of all.

			Seaweed. Ocean veggies are rich in iodine, which is crucial when it comes to thyroid function. They’re also denser in nutrients overall than land veggies are.

			These individual superpowers help to explain why eating a cornucopia of fruits and veggies matters to your health. Check out these findings:

			 				 					 						One study of nearly 4,000 men and women found that two factors—eating lots of veggies and eating a greater variety of fruits and veggies—are independently beneficial in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Even when the researchers controlled for the amount of produce people ate, each additional two-item-per-week increase in variety was associated with an 8% reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes.35

					 						A study by a different group of researchers came to the same conclusion when it comes to lung cancer: eating a greater variety of fruits and veggies lowers your risk, independently of how many you eat.36

			So be adventurous with the fruits and veggies you use in your soups, shakes, and green smoothies. The more you switch things up, the more of these superpowers you’ll put to work for you.

			 				A Note About Fiber

			 				Put simply, fiber is a carbohydrate that you can’t digest—so it doesn’t hike your blood sugar. There are two types of fiber, and both of them help to ramp up the benefits of your cleanse. Here they are:

				 					Soluble fiber, which dissolves in water, helps to keep your blood sugar low and optimize your cholesterol. Foods rich in soluble fiber include apples, blueberries, citrus fruits, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes.

					Insoluble fiber, which doesn’t dissolve in water, fights bloat and constipation. Foods rich in insoluble fibers include carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

4. Healthy Fats

			During your cleanse, you’re going to get a good dose of healthy fats each day. Your body craves these fats, using them to make hormones, build bouncy cell walls that smooth out wrinkles, and give you energy. You also need them to make you happy and clear up brain fog—in fact, 60% of your brain is made of fat!

			I know that nutritionists have scared you for years with the “fat makes you fat” myth, but we now know that it’s just that: a myth. The truth is that good fats burn fat and make your body healthier at the same time. If you’re fat-phobic and need convincing, here’s what the research says:

			 				 					 						The A to Z Weight Loss Study lasted twelve months and involved more than three hundred overweight women. It compared four diets: Atkins (the lowest in carbs and highest in fat), Zone, Ornish, and the LEARN diet. The women eating the Atkins diet lost twice as much weight as the women eating the other diets—and their cholesterol and blood pressure improved as well.37

					 						Another study compared the effects of the Paleo diet (which is rich in fats and low in carbs) to a standard low-fat diabetic diet on patients with type 2 diabetes. Researchers found that compared to the standard diabetes diet, the Paleo diet resulted in lower HbA1c levels (a long-term measure of blood sugar levels), lower triglyceride levels, lower blood pressure levels, and higher levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol. In addition, the high-fat, low-carb dieters lost more weight than the diabetic-diet group.38

					 						Cochrane, a highly respected health research group, reviewed low-glycemic and high-glycemic diets. (Low-glycemic diets are rich in fats and low in carbs, while high-glycemic diets are low in fats and high in carbs.) The group concluded, “Overweight or obese people on low-glycemic-index diets lost more weight and had more improvement in lipid profiles than those receiving comparison diets.” What’s more, the researchers found that people on the low-glycemic diets did as well as or better than those on calorie-controlled high-glycemic diets even when the people on the low-glycemic diets got to eat as much as they wanted.39

			In short, good fats like olive oil, avocados, and coconut oil are fat-burners, not fat promoters. Eat the right fats in the right amounts, and you’ll lose weight, not gain it. Moreover, as the studies show, these fats are good for your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and your blood sugar. And they fill you up, so you can go for long stretches without any cravings at all.

			So during your cleanse (and afterward), eat healthy fats fearlessly. Your body will thank you.

5. Mini-Meals Comprised of Low-Carb Foods—and an Optional “Keto Push”

			On this cleanse, while you won’t actually be fasting, you’ll be limiting your meals to small, easy-to-digest soups, shakes, and green smoothies. In addition, you’re going to cut your carb intake way down.

			As a result, you’ll reduce your insulin levels dramatically—and that will make extra pounds around your belly fall off quickly. That fat is a witch’s cauldron of toxic chemicals and fattening hormones, and melting it off will make your entire body not just slimmer but also healthier and happier.

			And if you really, really want to rev up your fat burning, and you’re not faint of heart, I have an optional bonus for you: a powerful one-day pre-cleanse jump-start I call the Keto Push. If you choose this option, you’ll spend the day before your cleanse drinking nothing but water or bone broth (more on this later). After that, you’ll jump right into the cleanse itself.

			If you opt for the Keto Push, you’ll start burning fat right out of the gate. That’s because when you slash your carbs to a bare minimum, it helps to drive your body toward a state called ketosis, in which it burns a type of fat called ketone bodies rather than sugar for energy. This turns you into a fat-burning machine.

			But remember: the Keto Push is totally optional, and you’ll get amazing results (including weight loss) with or without it. It’s an entirely personal decision, so do what works for you—either the five-day cleanse alone or the five-day cleanse preceded by the one-day Keto Push.

			 				A Note to Keto Dieters

			If you’re currently following a keto plan, you can easily modify this entire cleanse to be keto-friendly. Simply do the Keto Push on the first day, and then on the following days eliminate the fruit and starchy veggies from your green smoothies, shakes, and soups. You’ll find a list of keto-friendly recipes on this page.

So, Are You In?

			 				Now you know what my cleanse is going to do for you. It’s going to restore you, not deplete you. It’s going to energize you—not wipe you out. You’re going to go into it sick and fat and old, and come out of it shiny and new.

			So—are you game? Then I’ll tell you exactly how this plan works—starting with your cleanse prep in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

			Preparing for Your Cleanse

			When you’re taking a big step to improve your life, it’s smart to prepare in advance—and that’s why I want you to put all the pieces for success in place before you start your cleanse.

			In this chapter, I’ll tell you how to ready yourself, your friends and family, and your kitchen for your cleanse. Here’s what I want you to do before Day 1.

			1. Pick a date. Choose a time when your schedule is as light as possible. The fewer obligations you have, the easier it’ll be to stick to your cleanse. In particular, try to avoid days when you have social events that involve food. (I mean, what could go wrong if you haven’t had any sweets in three days and you come face-to-face with a five-tier mocha chocolate wedding cake? You get the idea.)

			2. Think hard about why you’re doing this. I always start any important project with the end in mind, and that’s why I don’t want you to jump into this cleanse on a whim. Instead, I want you to understand why you’re undertaking it. Identifying your goals will help you stay strong and stop you from looking for an escape hatch.

			So ask yourself: Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you burned out, depleted, sad, or feeling years older than you are? Or are you merely feeling “okay” rather than being the best you can be? No matter where you are on the scale, I think you’ll realize that you need to take action.

			Before you begin your cleanse, I want you to write down all of the reasons you’re doing it. Post your list on your fridge or your bathroom mirror, where you’ll see it every day during your cleanse. This will inspire you to stay the course even if things get challenging.

			As human beings, we tend to do things in two steps. First, we imprint a desire in our mind. Second, we make that desire materialize. So double down on any meditations, affirmations, visualizations, journaling, or reading that will help you to imprint the desire to change your life. This is a powerful way to make it happen.

			Also, join our private Facebook group at You’ll meet a fun and supportive community of people who’ll be doing the cleanse right along with you.

			3. Get your friends and family on board. Tell supportive people in your life what you’re doing and why. Explain that you need to heal yourself, and that to do that you need to stick to the cleanse plan. Here’s the speech I like to give:

			“I’m doing a five-day cleanse because I’m not where I want to be, and I know that if I don’t do anything, it’s not going to get better—it’s only going to get worse. I’m pretty confident about the track I’m on. Thank you in advance for being there for me and for not tempting me with foods that aren’t on the plan.”

			If you’re lucky, your friends and family will be so impressed with your plan that some will decide to do the cleanse with you! At a minimum, they’ll know not to tempt you with “no” foods during your cleanse.

			If you encounter people who aren’t supportive, stay the course, because it’s all about confidence. If they come at you like a pack of hyenas in The Lion King, don’t let them in—because this is about you, and you’re important.

			4. Clean out your kitchen. The “no” foods on your cleanse—that is, any foods that aren’t on the “yes” lists beginning on this page—can’t tempt you if they’re not around. So toss out the foods you want to avoid, donate them to a food pantry, or ask a friend or neighbor to hold on to them until you finish the cleanse.

			This goes for alcohol, too. After more than twenty years in practice, I know that alcohol is always the hardest thing for people to kiss goodbye for a few days. (Five minutes into a consult, I’m just waiting for each patient to say, “Don’t tell me I can’t have my glass of wine at night!”) This is where you’ll need to double down again on your resolve. Train your mind to pull up that TV screen showing your vision for your future.

			If you can’t get rid of “no” foods because other people in your home will be eating or drinking them, at least stick them toward the back of your pantry, fridge, or freezer. (Out of sight, out of mind.) Then dedicate a specific part of the refrigerator to your foods.

			Also, if you’re the family cook, consider making meals for your family members ahead of time and freezing them. That way, you won’t be tempted to taste test during your cleanse. In addition, ask another person to do the serving and kitchen cleanup on your cleanse days.

			For a printable list of “no” foods to clear out, visit the Resources page on my website at

			5. Schedule a day to stock up and batch prep. After decades of guiding cleanses, I know that the biggest key to success is preparation. When your meals are right at your fingertips and ready to go every day, you won’t be tempted to give in and grab the takeout menu when you’re too tired to chop veggies or cook soup.

			That’s why I’ve planned this cleanse so you can do all of your shopping in a single trip to the store and then prep all of your meals in one or two easy sessions in the kitchen. In Chapter 4, right after I outline your cleanse, I’ll tell you what to buy and how to make all of your meals in advance. So once you’ve picked the date when you’ll begin your cleanse, schedule a shop-and-prep date just prior to Day 1.

			By the way, batch prepping will be your friend even after your cleanse, because it makes eating healthy, fresh food so much easier. It’s one of the best tricks I know to breaking the fast-food habit.

			6. Make sure you have a source of clean water. When you’re cleansing your body, you don’t just want to give it clean food—you also want to give it clean water. And trust me: the water that comes out of your tap isn’t clean. (I’ll talk more about this in Chapter 6.) So if you don’t currently have a water filtration system in your house, buy a water filtering pitcher at a minimum.

			If you have a few extra dollars, also buy a water infuser bottle for making detox water. It’s not necessary, but it’s fun and handy.

			7. Decide how you’ll make or buy your smoothies. There are two options you can choose from when it comes to your smoothies, so pick one of these approaches:

			 				 					 						Buy a blender so you can make your own. This is by far your best option. If a good blender isn’t in your budget, borrow one from a friend.

					 						Buy smoothie-bar smoothies if necessary—but be very, very careful! Most smoothies you’ll get at a juice bar are way too high in sugar, so don’t just order off the menu. Instead, get to be best friends with your baristas. Then tell them, “This is EXACTLY what I’d like in my drink,” and give them your ingredient list. Also, make sure they’re using water—not carrot, beet, or apple juice—as a base. As for grocery store smoothies, forget it; nearly all of them are packed with sugar.

			8. Gently prepare your body. During the two to three days prior to starting your cleanse, drink lots of water to hydrate yourself. Ease off on heavy foods and carbs, and center your meals around lean proteins, leafy greens, and healthy fats. This will allow your body to transition easily to the cleanse.

			9. Know what to expect day by day. Because I’ve guided lots of cleanses, I have a good feel for what you’re going to experience on each day of your cleanse. While your results may vary a little, here’s what I predict if you’re doing the five days but not doing the Keto Push or staying on a keto plan for the entire cleanse (which I’ll talk about below):

			Day 1: This is your moment of exhilaration and excitement. You’re still high energy and ready to roll.

			Day 2: At this point, you’re trying to get your groove down as you adapt to a different way of eating.

			Day 3: You’ve got this down! You’re noticing digestive changes for the better, and your bloat is disappearing.

			Day 4: If you’re limiting starchy veggies and fruits, you may feel a bit of the “carb flu” creeping about (more on this later, see this page). Otherwise, you’re feeling energized. You’re also noticing that people are seeing a change in you, and you feel like your insides are cleaner.

			Day 5: You love being squeaky-clean and may even think, “Is this thing over already?”

			If you’re doing the Keto Push and then following the standard cleanse, I’m betting that you’ll get to the “squeaky-clean” stage even faster. (Yay!) That’s because you’ll already have one day under your belt when you start the cleanse itself. But you might need a little extra willpower toward the end of your cleanse since you’ve added that extra day up front. And you may be tempted by the “sugar demon” during your Keto Push (see this page)—but stay strong!

			If you do a keto version of the entire cleanse, in which you keep your carb count super-low, you’ll want to be prepared for a few extra challenges you may encounter. That’s because you’re pushing your body to use stored fat for energy during your entire cleanse. In this case, you may get a longer visit from the sugar demon (see this page), and the carb flu (see this page) may strike as well. But remember that you’re creating a super-efficient fat-burning system, so you’ll get a big payoff in the end—especially if you’re one of those people with that stubborn, stubborn belly fat.

			 				Bothered by Bloat?

			 				During your cleanse, you may experience a little temporary bloating as you change your gut’s ecosystem for the better. If so, add these bloat-busting foods to your shakes, green smoothies, and soups:



				Cayenne pepper



				Fermented foods (sauerkraut, kimchi)


				Green tea


			10. Watch out for these two challenges! Okay, I’m not going to hold out on you. Instead, I’m going to warn you about two little antagonists that may pop up in this story. I call them the carb flu and the sugar demon, and the good news is that if you’re ready for them, they won’t slow you down at all. Here’s what to do if they strike.

The Carb Flu

			This is a very flexible cleanse, and it’s your choice as to how many (if any) fruits and starchy veggies you’ll include. If you’re including them in most or all of your shakes, smoothies, and soups—which is what you’ll do if you follow my recipes—you can skip this section. If not, read on.

			If you choose to follow a keto version of this cleanse, and to minimize or eliminate fruits and starchy veggies (a good option if losing weight is a big goal for you), you’re going to flip your fat-burning switch from “off” to “on.” When you cut way down on carbs, your cells will start burning fat instead of sugar for fuel, rapidly melting away pounds of dangerous visceral fat.

			This is a good thing—and if you’re lucky, you’ll blow through this transition effortlessly. However, there’s a chance that you’ll experience temporary symptoms I lovingly refer to as the “carb flu.” The good news is that this icky stage goes away fast—and if you’re ready for it, you’ll breeze right through it.

			Here’s why the carb flu happens. Right now, if you’re eating a diet that’s high in carbs, your cells are in “easy” mode. You’re constantly bathing them in sugar, so they don’t have to work hard to get the fuel they need.

			Burning fat is harder, and at first your cells won’t like this at all. As a result, somewhere between Days 3 and 5, you may feel tired, cranky, wired, and weird. This isn’t fun, but it’s actually a great sign because it tells you that you’re switching over to rapid fat-burning mode.

			Here’s a look at some of the symptoms you may experience when the carb flu sets in:

			 				 					 						You may feel tired. It’s perfectly normal to run out of steam on carb flu days. If you can, keep your schedule light, and maybe even take a nap or go to bed early. A little coffee can help, but stick to just a few cups or you’ll feel worse.

					 						You may feel “flu-ish.” You might feel tired, develop “brain fog,” or get a runny nose. But you’re not really sick; it’s just a temporary system overhaul.

					 						You may get moody. Your brain isn’t happy right now because it’s used to that heavy load of sugar and carbs. This moodiness, by the way, is related to your changing blood sugar levels. As you continue to eat real foods, you’ll get your blood sugar under control and feel happy again.

					 						You may feel “icky.” Digestive disturbances, allergies, and even outbreaks of acne may appear at this time. Remember that this is your body removing toxins and healing itself. At the end, you’ll be rewarded with incredible energy, clear skin, glossy hair, a smaller waistline, and glowing health.

			The key to getting through the carb flu is to know why it’s happening and understand that it’s temporary. Once you’re past it, your body will burn fat effortlessly, and you’ll feel renewed and revitalized.

			In the meantime, here are some strategies that can make the carb flu easier on you:

			 				 					 						Journal every day. This will help you spot the signs of the carb flu and recognize it for what it is.

					 						Do a little light exercise—for instance, take a walk.

					 						Do the cleanse with a friend if you can. That way, you can give each other moral support if the carb flu strikes.

The Sugar Demon

			The sugar demon and you…have you met?

			If you’re a sugar freak, you know what I’m talking about, and I won’t lie—limiting your sugar for five days will challenge you if you’re used to a steady stream of sweet treats and sodas. That’s because you’re genetically wired to crave that sugar.

			You see, back when we lived in caves, having a sweet tooth used to be pro-survival. Sugar was scarce then, it provided energy for people who burned lots of fuel hunting and gathering, and it came packaged in healthy foods like berries and honey.

			In other words, sugar worked for us back then, so Mother Nature wired us to love it and seek it out.

			Now, however, sugar is everywhere, and it’s packaged in all kinds of junk food that makes us fat and sick. Worse yet, manufacturers now load products with tons of high-fructose corn syrup, which is even worse for us.

			Even though we know these foods are bad for us, we still crave them. In fact, crave might be too mild a word because research shows that many of us are actually addicted to sugar. In an eye-opening 2018 study, researchers asked soda-guzzling teens to refrain from drinking sugar-sweetened drinks for three days. Participants reported withdrawal symptoms including cravings, headaches, reduced well-being, impaired concentration, and decreased motivation to work.1 In an earlier study, rats allowed to choose between cocaine and Oreos went for the Oreos as often as the cocaine.2

			Clearly, sugar can sink its claws deep into you. So how do you break the sugar demon’s hold? While it’s tough at first, the best solution is to go cold turkey and cut sugar completely out of your diet. In fact, if you ask me to name the most important thing you can do—just one thing that’s best for your health and to protect against aging—I’ll tell you that it’s swearing off all forms of sugar. And believe it or not, when you do this, you’ll eventually stop craving sweets.

			Right now, however, I just need you to limit yourself to healthy sugars from fruit and starchy veggies for a few days and cut out all the rest. (You can do that, right?) Of course, if you’re doing a keto modification of the cleanse and cutting out even these healthy foods, you’ll have a bigger challenge. Just remember that you’re getting a bigger payoff as well: that extra belly fat you’ll be blasting.

			To help you resist the siren song of cookies, candy, and soda, remember that the average craving lasts only three minutes. Distract yourself by playing a game on your phone, taking a walk, or calling a friend—and before you know it, that craving will be history.

			Finally, remember what I said earlier: when you commit to a life-changing project, keep the end in mind. Think about how you got where you are now, and where you want to go. Keep your mind on how happy, slim, restored, and rejuvenated you’ll be at the end of your cleanse. That’s sweeter than a sugary treat, right?

			 				Have a Sweet Tooth? Try Monk Fruit!

			 				On this cleanse, you can add either stevia or monk fruit to your shakes and green smoothies if you like. Odds are, you’ve already tried stevia, since it’s been on the market for ages—but is monk fruit new to you?

				If so, here’s the story. Monk fruit is a Chinese fruit known as luo han guo. It looks a little like a green lemon, but it’s hiding a sweet secret: its pulp is 300 times sweeter than sugar. When it’s turned into a liquid or powdered sweetener, you get a big burst of sweetness for close to zero calories.

				Monk fruit has been used as a sweetener and herbal medicine for centuries in Asian countries, and now it’s catching on in the West. That’s a good trend because monk fruit has some amazing health benefits. It contains antioxidants called mogrosides that pack a powerful punch, helping to protect you against everything from cancer to diabetes and its complications. Here’s a sampling of the research:

				 					 						One study reported that a mogroside extract lowered blood sugar levels, oxidative stress, and lipid levels in diabetic mice, suggesting that it could help prevent diabetic complications in humans.3

					 						Mogrosides can help you slim down. Both a 2018 study4 and a 2012 study5 found that they protected against obesity in mice eating an unhealthy diet.

					 						A study of mice with gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy, found that giving them one type of mogroside found in monk fruit improved glucose metabolism, reduced insulin resistance, and led to healthier offspring.6

					 						A study published in 2016 found that one type of mogrosides, mogroside V, suppressed the growth of tumors in pancreatic cancer.7 Other research shows that mogrosides may help fight colorectal and throat cancer.8

				And unlike artificial sweeteners, monk fruit has no known adverse side effects. In fact, research indicates that even in super-high doses, it’s safe.9

				In short, monk fruit appears to be all upside and no downside—so if the sugar demon is getting you down and you’re really craving some sweetness, I highly recommend giving it a try.

You’re Ready to Go!

			At this point, you’re fully on track for success. You’re ready both physically and emotionally for this big moment in your life. You have your goals firmly in mind, you have your friends and family on board, and you know how to keep the carb flu and the sugar demon from sabotaging your plan.

			There’s no stopping you now…so it’s time to jump into your cleanse!

Chapter 4

			Doing Your Cleanse

			I know you’re happy that you’ve decided to splurge on yourself and go for this cleanse. What I’ve come to realize—and maybe you have too—is that health and beauty really are the new luxury.

			So let’s go get them!

			In this chapter, I’ll fill you in on all the details about your cleanse, including how to shop and prep for it in advance. Once you’re up to speed, you’ll be fully prepared to head for the starting line.

Your One-Day “Keto Push” (Optional)

			Reminder: This is NOT part of your five-day cleanse! Think of it as a Day Zero pre-cleanse. If you prefer not to do it, simply skip this section and go to the next one. It’s totally up to you.

			If you’re opting to do the Keto Push, I want you to spend twenty-four hours drinking water or bone broth. (You can also have unsweetened coffee or tea—no creamer or artificial sweeteners.) This will push your body into rapid fat-burning, especially around your belly. As a result, you’ll be ahead of the game before you even start your cleanse!

Your Cleanse Plan, Step-by-Step

			 				If you’re skipping the Keto Push, this is where you’ll start. If not, this is where you’ll start after your one-day Keto Push.

			Note: If you want to stay in ketosis for the entire cleanse, see this page for instructions and recipes.

			You’re going to love how easy this cleanse is, especially if you’ve done your up-front shake and smoothie prep (see this page) and you’ve made your broth loading soups. It’s as simple as heating broth and pushing buttons on your blender. (Oh, and slicing a lemon each day.) I would never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself, so you can trust that this is going to be painless.

			Over the next five days, you’re going to load your body with nutrients and cleanse it of toxins by rotating green smoothies, collagen shakes, and nourishing soups. Here’s what you’ll do each day:

			1. Start your morning with refreshing lemon water. Each morning, I want you to drink a glass of hot or cold lemon water, adding a few fresh herbs like basil or mint. This will give you a good dose of vitamin C—a nutrient that’s crucial for building that gut-healing, skin-firming collagen. Also, those herbs are powerhouses of healing nutrients—I’ll talk about this in a little bit (see this page).

			To make your lemon water, muddle your herbs first with a wooden spoon or muddler, and then add water and the juice of half a lemon.

			Oh, and you can also have coffee in the morning (and at any other time you want it). I want you to know this upfront because otherwise this would be the Five-Minute Cleanse, and you’d close the book right now.

			2. Have a green smoothie for breakfast. Your first meal of the day will be a green smoothie loaded with what I call “high-vibe” nutrients to make your cellular matrix sparkle. This will give you a big blast of energy.

			Each of your smoothies will contain:

			 				 					 						One to two scoops of collagen or bone broth protein powder

					 						A healthy fat from the list on this page

					 						A fruit or starchy veggie from the list beginning on this page (unless you’re doing the keto modification)

					 						Two handfuls of non-starchy veggies

					 						Stevia or monk fruit, if desired

					 						Herbs and spices, if desired

			In Chapter 7, you’ll find lots of recipes for yummy green smoothies featuring all of your favorite ingredients.

			Note: This is a good time to take a multivitamin and multimineral supplement (if you’re taking one—if not, see my note on this page about foods you’ll want to add to your cleanse). However, you can take it with any meal.

			3. Have a collagen shake for lunch. Here, you’ll get another hefty dose of that beautiful collagen. Each of your shakes will contain:

			 				 					 						One to two scoops of collagen or bone broth protein powder

					 						One cup of unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk (not canned) or water

					 						A healthy fat from the list on this page

					 						One serving of fruit or starchy veggies, if desired (unless you’re doing the keto modification)

					 						Two handfuls of leafy greens (optional)

					 						Stevia or monk fruit, if desired

					 						Herbs and spices, if desired

			In Chapter 8, you’ll find recipes for shakes that feature all of your favorite flavors, from piña colada to chocolate raspberry and peachy almond. Who says a cleanse can’t be delicious? If you’re feeling creative, you can come up with your own recipes—just be sure to stick to the guidelines above.

			4. Have another green smoothie around midafternoon. Now it’s time to reload your body with those fabulous plant nutrients, along with another serving of collagen. Follow the same guidelines as you did in the morning, building your smoothie from these ingredients:

			 				 					 						One to two scoops of collagen or bone broth protein powder

					 						A healthy fat from the list on this page

					 						A fruit or starchy veggie from the list beginning on this page (unless you’re doing the keto modification)

					 						Two handfuls of non-starchy veggies

					 						Stevia or monk fruit, if desired

					 						Herbs and spices if, desired

			5. Have a rich, delicious broth loading soup for dinner. At the end of your day, you’ll relax with a warm, satisfying soup loaded with more cleansing, revitalizing veggies. Your soup will contain:

			 				 					 						One to two cups of broth

					 						One serving of a healthy fat, such as full-fat coconut milk or avocado

					 						Lots of non-starchy veggies (load up on them!)

					 						One (optional) serving of a starchy veggie (unless you’re doing the keto modification)

					 						Herbs and spices, if desired

			You’ll find lots of absolutely delicious soup recipes in Chapter 9, and feel free to invent your own as well—all you have to do is reference the ingredient list above.

			6. Any time you want, you can have these “freebies.” Unsweetened coffee and tea are on the unlimited list. You can also keep your body purring with clean, cool detox water (you’ll find fun recipes in Chapter 10).

			 				Doing Keto for Your Entire Cleanse?

			 				After your “Keto Push,” you can opt to follow a keto modification of this entire cleanse. If you do, simply eliminate fruits (except for small amounts of berries or grapefruit) and stick to non-starchy veggies. Here is a list of the recipes in this book that are keto-friendly.

				Green Smoothies

				 					 						Lemon Ginger Green Smoothie (this page)

					 						Mexican Fiesta Green Smoothie (this page)

					 						Savory Mediterranean Green Smoothie (this page)

					 						Savory Salad Bowl Smoothie (this page)


				 					 						Lemon Cream Shake (this page)

					 						Chocolate Raspberry Shake (this page)

					 						Other shake recipes, if you eliminate the fruit and starchy veggies

				Broth Loading Soups

				 					 						Creamy Asparagus Soup (this page)

					 						Roasted Curried Cauliflower Soup (this page)

					 						Thai Red Curry Soup (this page)

					 						Tom Kha Gai (this page)

					 						Chilled Cucumber Soup (this page)

					 						Creamy Broccoli Soup (this page)

					 						Watercress Soup (this page)

					 						Cauliflower Vichyssoise (this page)

How to Shop and Prep for Your Cleanse

			 				When you do all of your shopping and batch prep before you start your cleanse, your meals will be a breeze. You’ll have your shakes, green smoothies, and soups ready in seconds—no fuss and no stress. Here’s how to do it:

			First, plan your shopping trip. Flip through the recipes in Chapters 7 through 10, decide which ones you want to make, and make a list of the ingredients. (If you want a quick and easy alternative, use my five-day meal plan and shopping list beginning on this page instead.) This way, you can buy all of your ingredients in a single trip. (Remember to add in a multivitamin and multimineral supplement if you’re using one; if not, see my tips on this page.)

			One note: when you’re buying your collagen or protein powder, select a high-quality brand made from pastured beef. (Dr. Kellyann’s Collagen Shake, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Protein, and Dr. Kellyann’s Flavorless Collagen Protein for green smoothies are great choices.) Be sure to look for the word beef on the label. Don’t settle for whey protein powder because many people are allergic to whey. And don’t use pea powder either, unless you’re doing my vegetarian or vegan modification, because it’s higher in carbs and isn’t as nutrient-dense.

			One serving of protein or collagen powder is equal to one to two scoops of powder. Plan to have 10 to 25 grams of protein in each shake or green smoothie.

			 				A Quick Look at Coconut Milk

			 				Many of my broth loading soup recipes and shake recipes call for uncanned or canned coconut milk. If you’re new to coconut milk, here’s a quick primer so you’ll know that you’re buying the right type of coconut milk—and so you’ll understand why some recipes call for two different types of coconut milk!

				Coconut Milk (not canned)—Your “Base” Liquid

				This is a thin liquid—you’ll find it in the refrigerated case at the store along with other milks, or in unrefrigerated cartons—that contains very little fat. It doesn’t count as a fat on your cleanse, so you can use it as the liquid base for your shakes. If you buy this type of coconut milk, make sure it’s free of added sugars and carrageenan, an additive that’s highly inflammatory (see this page).

				Coconut Milk in a Can—For a Dose of Healthy Fat

				Canned coconut milk has much the same consistency as whipping cream. It’s an ingredient in several of the soups, and you can also add ⅓ cup to shakes (do count it as a fat). That’s why some shakes have two types of coconut milk: non-canned coconut milk as a base and canned coconut milk as a fat.

				When you’re buying canned coconut milk, always choose full-fat rather than low-fat; it tastes better, and it’s better for you. In addition, try to find a brand in a BPA-free can.

				Canned coconut milk typically separates in the can, creating a thick layer of cream on top and a thinner layer of milk on the bottom. That’s why it’s a good idea to shake the can vigorously before you open it.

			Next, make your bone broth (unless you’re buying it). You’ll need at least two-and-a-half quarts of bone broth (about 80 ounces) for your five days. You’ll find easy recipes in Chapter 9, and you can make all the broth you need for your cleanse in a single afternoon. (It can simmer happily on the stove while you’re chopping your veggies.)

			Once you’ve made your broth, you can select the soups you want to make with it. All of these soups freeze beautifully, so you can make them in advance. If you can swing it, buy an immersion blender; it’s a handy way to blend your “cream” soups. If not, you can blend them in a blender or food processor.

			Finally, prep your fruits and veggies for your smoothies and shakes. Wash them, chop them, and freeze them in individual servings, so they’ll be ready to grab and toss into your blender. You can also toss in any herbs and spices the recipes call for.

Your “Yes” Veggies, Fruits, and Fats

			All of the recipes in this book are designed specifically for your cleanse. But if you love making up your own recipes, go for it!

			Here are the veggies, fruits, and fats you can choose from. To keep your carb count for the day to around 60 carbs, you’ll want to limit each meal to about 15 carbs. If you want specific carb counts for each fruit and veggie, see beginning on this page; otherwise, simply follow the guidelines in the chart.

“Yes” Fruits and Vegetables for Your Cleanse

			 				 					 					 				 				 					 UNLIMITED 					 LIMITED (one serving per meal)—avoid if you are doing the keto modification

				 					 Leafy greens and non-starchy veggies: 					 Starchy veggies (half a cup):

				 					 Arugula 					 Acorn squash

				 					 Asparagus 					 Beets

				 					 Bell peppers 					 Butternut squash

				 					 Bok choy 					 Carrots

				 					 Broccoli 					 Celery root

				 					 Broccoli rabe 					 Jicama

				 					 Brussels sprouts 					 Kohlrabi

				 					 Cauliflower 					 Parsnips

				 					 Celery 					 Plantains

				 					 Chile peppers 					 Pumpkin

				 					 Cilantro 					 Rutabaga

				 					 Cucumbers 					 Spaghetti squash

				 					 Daikon 					 Sweet potatoes and yams

				 					 Eggplant 					 					 Turnips

				 					 Garlic 					 Yucca

				 					 Green beans 					 Fruits (half a cup):

				 					 Green cabbage 					 Apple

				 					 Green onions 					 Apricot

				 					 Greens (beet, collard, mustard, and turnip greens) 					 Blackberries

				 					 Jalapeño peppers 					 Blueberries

				 					 Kale 					 Boysenberry

				 					 Leeks 					 Cantaloupe

				 					 Lettuce 					 Cherry

				 					 Mushrooms 					 Clementine

				 					 Napa cabbage 					 Cranberry

				 					 Onions 					 Grapefruit

				 					 Parsley 					 Guava

				 					 Radicchio 					 Honeydew

				 					 Radishes 					 Kiwi

				 					 Red cabbage 					 Lemon

				 					 Seaweed 					 Lime

				 					 Spinach 					 Mango

				 					 Sprouts 					 Mulberry

				 					 Summer squash 					 Nectarine

				 					 Swiss chard 					 Orange

				 					 Tomato 					 Papaya

				 					 Watercress 					 Peach

				 					 Zucchini 					 Pear




				 					 					 Star fruit




“Yes” Fats for Your Cleanse

			 				 					 					 				 				 					 Almond butter 					 unsweetened; 1 tablespoon per serving

				 					 Avocado 					 ¼ to ½ avocado per serving

				 					 Avocado oil 					 1 tablespoon per serving

				 					 Canned full-fat coconut milk 					 ⅓ cup

				 					 Chia seeds 					 4 teaspoons per serving

				 					 Coconut chips 					 unsweetened; 1 closed handful or about 2 tablespoons per serving

				 					 Coconut oil / MCT oil 					 1 tablespoon per serving

				 					 Ghee (clarified butter—see below) 					 1 tablespoon per serving

				 					 Ground flaxseed 					 2 tablespoons per serving

				 					 Hemp seeds 					 2 tablespoons per serving

				 					 Nuts 					 1 closed handful per serving, about 2 tablespoons; don’t use peanuts or peanut butter

				 					 Olive oil 					 1 tablespoon per serving

				 					 Olives 					 1 closed handful per serving or about 2 tablespoons

				 					 Walnut oil 					 1 tablespoon per serving

			 			 				How to Make Ghee

			You can buy ghee, or clarified butter, in many health food stores. However, it’s also a cinch to make it at home. Simply heat a stick of butter gently, then skim off the milk solids with a mesh strainer when they come to the top. Cool the ghee and keep it refrigerated.

Sample Meal Plan

			If you’d like to make planning your meals super-easy, just follow this five-day meal plan and buy the ingredients listed in the shopping list that follows it. It can’t get simpler than that! (For a printable meal plan, visit my Resources page at

Shopping List for Sample Five-Day Meal Plan

			 				Here are all the groceries you’ll need to buy to make everything in this meal plan. (For a printable shopping list and a list of recommended brands, visit the Resources page on my website at


				Apple (1 small)

				Asparagus (1 pound)

				Carrots (1 pound)

				Cauliflower (1 medium head)

				Celery (1 bunch)

				Cucumbers (1, English preferred)

				Garlic (1 head)

				Ginger root (4- to 5-inch knob)

				Honeydew melon (1 medium)

				Kale (1 large bunch, to yield 4 cups chopped)

				Leeks (2)

				Lemons (3)

				Mint (1 bunch, fresh)

				Onion (1 small)

				Papaya (1 large)

				Parsley (1 bunch)

				Pineapple (1 large fresh or 1 bag frozen, to yield 3 cups)

				Limes (2)

				Raspberries (1 small box, to yield 1 cup)

				Romaine lettuce (1 head)

				Spinach (5-ounce box of fresh baby spinach, to yield 4 cups)

				Strawberries (1 pint)

				Thyme (1 small bunch, or dried)


				Coconut or almond milk (½ gallon)

				Ghee or pasture-raised butter (¼ pound)


				Arrowroot (smallest size)

				Avocado oil or olive oil (smallest bottle)

				Black pepper

				Canned full-fat coconut milk (five 14-ounce cans)

				Celtic or pink Himalayan salt

				Chia seeds (small bag)

				Chocolate collagen protein—5 servings, 15 to 25 grams protein per serving



				Stevia or monk fruit sweetener

				Flavorless collagen—5 servings, 15 to 25 grams protein per serving

				Vanilla collagen protein—5 servings, 15 to 25 grams protein per serving


				Chicken bone broth (½ gallon or 8 cups)

If you are making your own chicken bone broth, you will need the following ingredients. All other ingredients you need are already on the shopping list:

			 				2 or more pounds chicken thighs, legs, and/or wings

				3 or more pounds raw or cooked chicken bones/carcasses

				6 to 8 chicken feet, optional, but will add a great deal of collagen to your broth

				Apple cider vinegar

				Bay leaf (optional)

				Onion (1 medium)

				Peppercorns (or substitute black pepper)


				Multivitamin and multimineral supplement (if you are using one)

				Detox water ingredients (if you plan to make any)

Spice It Up!

			Want to add even more cleaning, healing, and fat-burning power to your cleanse? Then toss some of the following herbs and spices into your bone broth, shakes, and green smoothies. Here’s why they’re so awesome:

			 				 					 						Basil. Basil is anti-inflammatory, reduces water retention and bloating, and is an adaptogen (a substance that helps your body adapt to stress). Basil also helps reduce fat buildup in your liver while detoxifying your body. Even the scent of basil is known to have healing properties.

					 						Black pepper. Piperine is the compound that gives pepper its pungent flavor. Piperine enhances the effects of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric—a fat-burning spice I’ll talk about later. One study also suggests that the piperine in black pepper battles fat by blocking the formation of new fat cells.1

					 						Cardamom. Cardamom is thermogenic (meaning it increases your body heat and speeds up your metabolism), has anti-inflammatory properties, and acts as an antioxidant, cleaning up rogue molecules called free radicals and resisting cellular aging.

					 						Cayenne. This is my personal favorite. There’s no better natural fat-burner, which is why I put it in just about everything I can get my hands on. Capsaicin, the compound that gives chile peppers their heat, helps shrink fatty tissue and lower blood-fat levels. It’s also thermogenic.

					 						Cilantro and coriander. Although both names refer to the same plant, cilantro typically refers to the leafy green part of the coriander plant, while coriander is the common name for the seeds of the plant. Both cilantro and coriander are antioxidant-rich and may help reduce LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol levels in your blood. They also contain large quantities of vitamins A and K. And let’s face it: everything tastes better with cilantro.

					 						Cinnamon. Cinnamon is a spice worth taking seriously at a time when blood sugar problems are pandemic. It’s so simple, yet it can dramatically lower your blood glucose. It can also reduce your cravings and help you burn fat faster.

					 						Cloves. Cloves help reduce your blood sugar. They also help improve your digestion and